Three trophies at Golden Boot gala

Betcenter Futsal League Awards

RSCA Futsal won three trophies during the Golden Boot gala organised in Anderlecht on Saturday evening. Its remarkable season so far, with European participation in the Final Four of the UEFA Champions League, and domestically an unbeaten run so far, thus does not go unnoticed. RSCA Futsal was awarded with three individual prizes.

The first award of the evening went to Diego Roncaglio, he was crowned Goalkeeper of the Year. Head coach Luca Cragnaz the Betcenter Futsal League's Coach of the Year award. The final trophy of the evening, that of the prestigious Golden Boot, went to Gabriel Grello. Our captain thus got to put the award for best player in the air for the fifth time in his career.

Congratulations to Luca, Gabriel and Diego, and all other winners.