RSCA Futsal host in the Champions League

The floor is ours. RSCA Futsal will be hosting the main round of the Futsal Champions League. We will host the games against Sporting Club de Paris, Kairat Almaty and AE Mallorca Palma Futsal at the Belleheide Center. These will take place between 26 and 29 October. This will be the first official participation of RSCA Futsal in the competition. Tickets and UCL-abos are available on

RSCA Futsal drew a tough group, consisting of Kairat Almaty, Sporting Club de Paris and Palma Mallorca Futsal.

Kairat Almaty is arguably the toughest opponent of the group. This club is based in Kazakhstan. It's one of the best clubs in Europe. They have reached the final of the Futsal Champions League three times in the last 10 years. They lost to Sporting CP in the final in 2019 (2-1). Kairat Almaty are fifth in the UEFA ranking of the best European futsal clubs.

Palma Mallorca is one of the best teams in Spain. They finished second in the Spanish league last season. It's also one of Europe's very best, as shown by their fourth place in the UEFA ranking.

Sporting Club de Paris is the reigning champion of France. It is an official subsidiary of the Portuguese club Sporting CP. With five league titles and six French cups to its name, Sporting is an established name in French and European futsal.


Fans can purchase either a mini-abo for the three matchdays or daily tickets. The mini-abos are already available on Daily tickets will be available from Wednesday 28 September.

The mini-tickets cost 75 euros or 50 euros, depending on the seat you choose. Daily tickets cost 20 euros or 30 euros.

Under-16s are entitled to a special price for Wednesday and Thursday's games. Daily tickets are 10 euros.

Futsal season ticket holders have priority on their own seat. Their seat is reserved.



The competition consists of three successive qualifying rounds - the preliminary round, the main round and the elite round - and the final four. The three qualifying rounds are played in the form of mini-tournaments, where four teams meet and play each other over four days.

RSCA Futsal is currently in the main round of the Futsal Champions League. The first three clubs in the main round win the right to move on to the next round, the elite round. But only the first two get an advantageous draw. It is therefore crucial to do well in the main round.

Three of the four teams in our main round's path will therefore move on to the elite round. This is also a mini-tournament, consisting of 4 teams. If we qualify, we will play in the elite round in late November. The goal will be to qualify for the final four, that's played in April or May. The final four is the final round of the tournament. It is in this round that the two best teams finally play each other in the final of the Futsal Champions League.

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