We'll face FT Antwerpen in the Belgian championship final

RSCA Futsal will face FT Antwerpen in the final of the Betcenter Futsal League. The winner of this match will be crowned Belgian champion.

After a great season, RSCA Futsal has the opportunity to sign a domestic double. To do so, they have to beat a tough opponent, FT Antwerp, in the play-off final.

The final is played in two matches, first leg and second leg. The first leg is played in Antwerp on Friday 26 May. The second leg will be played at the Alfasun Indoor Arena on Friday 2 June. You can already get tickets for this match on ticketing.rsca.be.

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If RSCA Futsal wins both games, they will clinch the first Belgian championship title of their history. If FT Antwerpen wins one of the two games and RSCA Futsal the other, a third game will be played on Monday 5 June at the Alfasun Indoor Arena to decide the winner.

None of these matches can end in a draw. The game would then decided by extra time and a penalty shoot-out.

Come on you Mauves.

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