Luca Cragnaz extends his stay at RSCA Futsal until 2026

Luca Cragnaz has signed a new three-year contract with RSCA Futsal. The Belgian coach is now bound to Sporting until June 2026. After a successful spell with FP Halle-Gooik, coach Luca has continued to lead the team since the collaboration with RSCA.

The championship, the Belgian cup and the Champions League. We're almost in March, and RSCA Futsal is still in the running for three competitions. Luca Cragnaz is certainly no stranger to this. The T1 of Sporting has built a solid team, unbeaten in 2022.

The current coach of the Mauve & Blanc was appointed as head coach back in December 2019. Last season, Luca was voted Betcenter Futsal League Coach of the Year, thanks to a brilliant season that saw us win the championship and the Belgian cup with Halle-Gooik.

He also led the team to a historic Final Four this season, which allows RSCA Futsal to still dream of a final victory in the Champions League. The F4 will be played at the beginning of May in Mallorca.

Lieven Baert, manager of RSCA Futsal: "Luca is the right man at the right place. He is the best coach that we can have at the moment. I am convinced that he will help us to compete with the best clubs in Europe for the next three seasons."

Luca Cragnaz: "It is a great pride for me to extend my stay here. I'm looking forward to continuing to lead the team for the next three seasons. Looking for more success and more victories."

Coach Luca. Here to stay.

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