Diogo retires from the game

Diogo played the final game of a great career against FT Antwerpen last Friday. The RSCA Futsal legend is returning to Brazil after spending years in Europe showing off his talent.

Diogo joined RSCA Futsal, back then still Halle-Gooik, in the summer of 2018. In five seasons in Belgium, he has won the league three times and the Belgian Cup twice. Diogo has also scored 100 goals in the competition.

The Brazilian was one of RSCA Futsal's key players during those five years. As well as performing well on the pitch, Diogo was much appreciated by his team-mates and by the fans.

On Friday, he was given the chance to say goodbye in front of his home fans. Coach Luca Cragnaz called a time-out two minutes before the final whistle so that Diogo could receive a well-deserved standing ovation.

RSCA Futsal would like to thank Diogo for his class, both on and off the pitch, and wish him all the best in the future.

Thank you for everything, Diogo.