Selection for the Main Round of the Futsal Champions League

Futsal Champions League

An important week awaits for Sporting. The Main Round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League is scheduled for the Sports Hall Lagator in Loznica, Serbia. RSCA will play three matches in the village near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

RSCA did not have to play a preliminary tournament, and thus ended up directly in group 2 of the Main Round. Sporting faces the organizing club, KMF Loznica-Grad (Serbia) on Wednesday at 8:30 PM. The top match against Barça will follow on Thursday at 5:30 PM. Finally, on Saturday, Sporting will play against Luxol St. Andrews Futsal from Malta at 5:30 PM.

In this Main Round, three of the four teams advance to the next round (Elite Round). From then on, only the winner of that round survives.

The RSCA Futsal selection:

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